Vikuit is the most advanced social networking engine optimised for Google's Platform, the App Engine platform. It's free to use and uses free hosting. Vikuit owns the building blocks that enable individuals and associations to create their own fully-featured vertical social networks.

The history of Vikuit speaks about freedom: freedom to manage, freedom to code and freedom for host. At free cost, of course.  


Freedom to manage !

Freedom to improve !

Freedom to run !




Freedom to manage !

Choose Vikuit if you want freedom to manage  your ads, to choose your domain name, or any particular look&feel. 

You are not going to pay more for using ads on your community or another custom feature.  All features are available for everyone. It's your app.


If you have some special needs for your network, Vikuit is your platform. It's Open Source and licensed under GPLv3. This licence ensures that you are free to use it and develop it. Every improvement will be shared.

Get involved ! Vikuit's community is here to help you to create your own Social Engine ! This enforces Vikuit’s life!

Choose Vikuit if you want freedom for a 5-minute setup solution, easy to manage and that works with all the Google’s App Engine features.

Reliability and support: 99.9% uptime service level agreement, with premium developer support available.
Secure by default: Only users from your Google Apps domain can access applications by default.


App Engine costs nothing to get started. All applications can use up to 500 MB of storage and enough CPU and bandwidth to support an efficient community serving around 5 million page views a month, absolutely free. This means that the server is free even for a big community. If you require additional computing resources, whatever you need is available at a competitive price.